22 February 2009

Good 'Ol School Days

For the last 8 years Andy has been trying to get his bachelor's degree. He has had many interruptions, 2 Marine Corps deployments, a church mission to Taiwan, and a few other obstacles. It has been a long road...ok an eternally long road at times, but the light is at the end of the tunnel for us and we couldn't be happier. This weekend however, I'm realizing how much I'm going to miss it. As long as we've been together one or both of us has been in school. Recently, it has been soooo much fun having Andy in school believe it or not!!! We have received some serious perks of which I'm so grateful for!!! Let me just say that FREE comes as a very welcomed word right now as we budget and plan ahead for the future, stretching every penny as far as we can. Last semester, since Andy is in the accounting program, Ernst and Young invited all the Jr. Core students and their family members to a huge concert. We got tons of free bees and the band signed CDs afterward...talk about awesome!

Wed night this week, we ate a free dinner at the Tanner Building.

Just last night, we went to the BYU Ball. The event was called, "A Night Under the Stars" and the only things we paid for were the blisters on our feet from dancing so hard to jazzy tunes from the live band. It was blast!! It was a free night of fun!! We got to dress up and eat yummy catered food, dance to a live band, enjoy patisseries, and I even got a rose at the end of the date. It was so great. I think I'm going to miss these nights of fun.


Melissa said...

You'll still get those freebies when work is calling you every five seconds to attend something or other. And then you'll be thinking it's boring and you don't really want to go...

NVP2Be said...

That sounds soo cool! :) Miss you!