08 December 2010

50 Free Christmas Cards from Shutterfly

Head on over to Shutterfly to get your 50 free Christmas cards! Follow the link found here and blog about this offer and you can get 50 free cards! This is an awesome deal and I love Shutterfly. We are waiting to get our family pictures back and then we will send out some cards! I cant wait!

Also, we have started our family blog found at: andyandstaceyturner.blogspot.com. I try and update how baby and me are doing and how life is in LA. I have not made it private yet, but I will eventually! Hope the Holidays are going wonderful for you!

10 November 2010

Free Desktop Calendar Page!

The creative talents over at the blog, Kidlark Design and Printing, are offering a free desk top calendar page for the month of November (they have new ones every month)! You give them your email and follow their blog in the comments section and they will send you a JPEG image you can print off and use! I always get excited to see what they come up with. I got their calendar for Halloween and I printed it off on photo paper, put it in a frame and voila, instant holiday decor. They also have a free print that you can print off and your kiddos can color!

04 November 2010

Free Downloadable Christmas Paper and News about our Family Blog!

Check out this gorgeous Christmas paper you can download and do a million different projects with! Use it to wrap, scrap book, decorate, or make a thoughtful Christmas card with! Just print it off at home and the possibilities are endless! I love Christmas time!!!

In other news, Yes, I am working on getting the family blog up. Please feel free to add it to your blog lists, because it will be where I update y'all on the Turner family's adventures, trust me they will be so exciting you wont want to miss them!

Our blog will be located at the following blogger site:


Very soon, and I mean soon, there will be some great content. It will be private so if you haven't already sent me your email address do so now! Until then, HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

25 August 2010

Great Idea for your Sweetheart/Friend

Taking a break from packing....I found a cute idea for my sweetheart for Valentine's Day or just a fun surprise..http://www.twigandthistle.com/blog/2009/02/diy-sweetie-pie/

16 August 2010

He did it!

Andy going to his first day of accounting school after returning home from Iraq!

After 9 years consisting of: 2 Marine Corps Deployments, 2 year mission to Taiwan, 3 deferments from BYU, 3 re-acceptance letters back BYU, our wedding, a few internships and lots and LOTS of fun stuff in between....my cute hubby GRADUATED with his Masters in Accounting from BYU!!! He did it with distinguished honors and I am so proud of his dedication! Next step?? Well...We've got lots to share and to find out...please leave your email (if you havent already given it to me) in the comment section and I will add you to our new family blog I am creating as we speak. I am making it private, simply to update our life to friends and family and not the whole wide world. I will still keep this blog and post creative thoughts, crafts, and food from time to time! We have a lot to share with everyone so please send me your email addresses!

28 July 2010


I have an obsession with fresh fruits and veggies. They make me very happy. Last summer I grew a small lot of tomatoes, a pumpkin, and some squash in our itsy bitsy garden (photos above...sorry the 'maters are withered...they had to be gathered after a freak freeze). Knowing they came from hard work and my soil, they made me super duper happy. This year we didnt have time to plant a garden to my dismay. However, I just found out about a cool program called Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). The program is set up so you get fresh produce from a local farm every week or every other week. Doesnt that just sound delightful? If I ever live where one of these are, I will most def. sign up! Cheers for fruits and veggies!

In other news, we are in Dallas, TX fir the summer fixin to get Andy's internship rearing and ready to go. It's been one hillbilliarious time! Chris and Chrissy, Kate and Chase, and Mommsy and Poppsy came down to visit us folks. We love Texas and so should ya'll! ;-)

25 May 2010

London I love thee...

Two days ago, I returned from London and Paris! Serious Jet Lag, but worth every bit! I feel enlightened by the amazing history and the great wealth of knowledge the past can tell us. There is so much to learn about all the kings and queens and people that lived there. We walked a lot. Mom and Dad came and they made the trip amazing! We ate some AMAZING food! Beef Wellington is now one of my favorite entrees, along with Cauliflower soup, Crab Bisque Omelet, Lavender Creme Brulee, Rich dark chocolate mousse, and a three course English Breakfast! Lets not forget the delicious macaroons from LaDuree in Paris (Check out their lovely website here)! What a treat! It was fit for a kind and queen! It truly was a beautiful time!

09 May 2010

Happy Mother's Day

"I don't want to drive up to the pearly gates in a shiny sports car, wearing beautifully, tailored clothes, my hair expertly coiffed, and with long, perfectly manicured fingernails.
I want to drive up in a station wagon that has mud on the wheels from taking kids to scout camp. I want to be there with a smudge of peanut butter on my shirt from making sandwiches for a sick neighbors children. I want to be there with a little dirt under my fingernails from helping to weed someone's garden. I want to be there with children's sticky kisses on my cheeks and the tears of a friend on my shoulder. I want the Lord to know I was really here and that I really lived." — Marjorie Pay Hinckley

18 March 2010

Great Interview with Slumdog Millionaire Director

I really like this interview, especially the ending about being crazy enough to stick with your dreams. I think having goals and dreams are important to life and just wanted to share this brief clip, but also have it on hand if I need a little boost!

17 February 2010

LA Valentine's DAY!

Andy I went to Los Angeles for Valentine's Day! He had a three day weekend from school, we found some super cheap tickets and had a blast! Here are some pics from our trip!

The "HOLLYWOOD" sign

Under the Santa Monica Pier

Under the Santa Monica Pier

Andy at the beach!

Chinese Theater in Hollywood

Andy at the Chinese Theater

On the Santa Monica Pier

Moi at the LA Temple

Andy gave me the sunset for Valentine's Day! I can handle that!

Downtown Los Angeles viewed from Hollywood Hills

Los Angeles Temple...Sooo BEAUTIFUL!

Funny Story about this pic: We drove all around Hollywood Hills trying to find the "HOLLYWOOD" sign (currently re-named the "Save the Hill" Sign), turns out it was covered up because the city is trying to buy it back from a guy who purchased it to build homes on and around it...could you imagine LA without the HOLLYWOOD sign?

03 February 2010

Love this Line

I am loving these dresses from the eco friendly fair-trade company People Tree. Too bad they dont ship in the US. They are made with organic cotton (very soft) and buying them helps poor farmers throughout the world! Cool idea, cool dresses!

27 January 2010

2009 Turner Household Year in Review

WOW...it's been a long time, but it is never too late to write a bit of our lives is it? No need for an apology from this side, I'm going to give an accumulative 2009 Year in Review for our lil familia. It has been a pretty eventful, exciting, challenging, and changing year for us. If I told you last June what we'd be doing this June, it would be a surprise to us both!!! About the only thing that was consistent was change! Lots of it. We even joked that we are so bad about making decisions because as soon as we do, they will change (thanks to the US Marine Corps) and we have nothing to say about it.

So with no further wait! Here's what is happening on our end of the pond~

Jan. 2009- I trucked along at my job at SMGF. Enjoyed working with my fun co-workers. Andy entered the 2nd semester of the Accounting Jr. Corps. One of the top accounting programs in this great nation. I spoke at Young Women's in Excellence about progress. It was fun!

Feb. 2009- We enjoyed a free romantical evening for Valentine's Day at BYU. We danced the night away, ate catered food, I received a rose. We smiled a lot and celebrated love. Got my teeth checked...NO Cavities! Life is great! Read a quote by Eleanor Roosevelt that set the course for the year for me, "Do one good thing everyday that scares you!" Told Andy I was going to do something at least once a month that scared me. I then enrolled in an acting class and a photography class. Both things I love, but intimidate me! Boy am I glad I did them now!! I also determined NOW would be a good time to start training for a marathon (goal since I was 16), so Andy and I started running every Saturday morning for several hours. I loved spending the mornings with him running. Fond memories...

March. 2009- ONE EVENTFUL MONTH! My birfthday, new nephew, got laid off the same day my father in law had a stroke! My birthday...Andy sent flowers to my work and I returned the favor with lots of kisses when I got home. My co-workers took me to Bucco de Beppo. Yum! That weekend, I went to Oklahoma while Andy went to drill, with the hopes of being there for the birth of my new nephew. He decided to come AFTER I left. It's ok, he's super cute so it made up for it! I sang in a musical with several ladies from church. Loved it! Scared me, but that was part of my goal for this year. I got laid off, so I had a little bit of extra time and went to Oklahoma to help my sis in law after my nephew entered the world. Chase Weldon Cutiepie Carson. 9 whopping pounds of adorable-ness. I dont know how much I helped cause I mostly laughed at my niece's reaction to having a baby brother. She liked to pop his pacifier in and out of his mouth. He was still figuring out life and that made it a little bit more frustrating. Chase had a perfect round head and chubby cheeks. We love him. Chrissy is an awesome mom and I loved staying with them. Came home, talked in church about virtue when mom and dad came to town. Andy continued to study his brains out. Got a treadmill so I didnt freeze outside running. Best thing since since sliced bread! I love it, and so do our neighbor's kiddos!

April 2009- I did something else that scares the beegeebees out of me! We signed up for a marathon! It was official May 16th, nothing is stopping us now. We ran right through April!! Took pictures of a friend's wedding with my mad photo skills! My knee gave me serious trouble. Got new shoes, took a rest, kept right on running. Life was good!

May 2009- BAMMM! May was IN YOUR FACE MONTH! May 1st 2008, we celebrated Andy being home from Iraq for 1 year and less than 1 year left in his contract. We also mourned that same week...ANOTHER deployment to Afghanistan!! Our third deployment since we have been together. Emotional breakdown for me. We've spent more time apart than together since we started dating and got married. Hard news for him. After trying to finish school at BYU and see many friends come and go, Andy just wanted to complete his college experience and be together as a family. It was a tough time, but we accepted it and made preparations for yet ANOTHER deployment. We also completed our first MARATHON! It was nice to run out all the stress and accomplish something AWEsome Andy's knee was bumbed but he finished it...my HERO! We cried with joy! I got to finish a marathon with my husband and my dad. Smiles all around. Also found out that Andy will be going to Sergeant's course instead of Morocco before Afghanistan. He already went to Morocco in 06, when we were engaged, and wanted to further his leadership skills at Sergeant's course if he was going to the scariest sandbox east of the Mississippi. Tears of frustration overwhelmed us. Andy withdrew from BYU for the 4th time since he started. Feeling kicked around...

June 2009- Went to Lagoon with our Marine friends. It rained the entire time we were there. Maybe God knew how I felt, but the Skycoaster was worth it as we went free falling with J.D. and screamed and we smiled again. Andy left for Sergeant's course. I went to Oklahoma and got to be a Auntie Stacey to my precious niece and nephew. Started planning for the move back home when Andy was going to leave come July/Aug. At the end of two Sergeants course, Andy got a call from his command...He could stay home if he wanted. At this point, he was so set on going and was loving Sergeant's course at Quantico, VA that he was set on going. God had other plans...Amidst this confusion and decision making, Andy took one of the most important tests for the future, the GMAT. Didnt go so well. Concentration was lost at this point...We went to San Francisco. Our trip there was to be our trip together before he left for Afghan training. We enjoyed the eclectic city, at the same time, our minds were filled with confusion. What to do...what not to do....The choice to stay home, might be an easy one for some, but the bonds that Andy has with his Marine brothers runs deep...deeper than what you might ever think or could understand. Prayer after prayer...

July 2009- TIMES UP! Either he's going or he's not. It was the toughest decision he has ever made in his life. The summer plans we had prepared were now out the window, we'd already accepted he was going, we told our landlord, school, everyone, but God knew differently and we followed that prompting. Andy decided to stay home. We still cried. We cried for our Marine family and friends. Seeing them leave without Andy was painful...I've never seen him so sad or worried. His brother decided to go. Made it even harder, but our faith was stuck on our feeling for Andy to stay. We trudged along, went on a Trek with our youth to Wyoming. We walked for over 28 miles on foot. Understood more the sacrifice of those that went before us as Pioneers. We understood, we still have scarifies in life to make and we must have faith in every footstep. Celebrated Andy's birthday, started planning for him to go back to school. He got re-accepted to BYU for the 4th time. He went forward with full force, not looking back. We're thankful and prayerful for the continued days ahead. Did we make the right choice? God's plan slowly started making a lot of sense why he stayed home.

August 2009- We went to Montana to our family Cabin, the Marines went to San Diego to train. It was hard still. Andy was a bit distracted and missing his brother. I was cast in a movie, playing a small supporting role and loved every minute of it. A professional crew was brought in from LA. It sent a powerful message about what is important while I filmed. Scared me to death to be on set and I met some amazing people. The rest of the month we treated every moment together as sacred. Went to Oklahoma. Andy flew dad's plane. We celebrated our wedding anniversary together, it was actually only our second together, since he was gone for the first one. I love him. My best friend...always. We started training for a triathlon on the weekends!

September 2009- Andy jumped right into school. Head first and once again was put on the Dean's list for straight A's. He deserves it. He manages time, like a book keeper manages a library...lots and lots of order and prioritizing! He's good! He got accepted to interview with several of the top consulting firms in the nation. Made it through second rounds. Got flown across the country. He still misses his Marine buddies. I interviewed with a bazillion companies. No news...yet. Had an offer, that fell through. They said yes, then said sorry the day before I was supposed to start. Already turned down 2 other offers in the mean time. Tried to call them back, but they already found someone...so I started thinking of my own business ideas. Started selling stuff on ebay...started making money to pay bills. I finished my first TRIATHLON! WAHOO! Swim, Run, Bike....I'm hooked! It was INCREDIBLE!

October 2009- I did some babysitting for neighbors and organized the house till it was spotless. Andy went back to drill with the Marines. I signed up for another acting class from a teacher from LA. Scared me, but I loved it! Eric came home on his 2 week leave, we all ate at Maddox in Perry, UT. Andy smiled big and loved seeing his big brother. We will miss him, still do...Andy got second round interviews with consulting and accounting firms. Flew from Dallas, to LA, back to Dallas and in between. Spent most of my weekends missing him, but thankful we are getting life in order and that he will be home. I have nothing to complain about. Loved seeing the kids in our neighborhood dress up for Halloween. The headless horseman came by again. Sooooo scary and with a real horse too. One of my fav. parts about living where we do!

November 2009- Thanksgiving at the Turner Turkey Farm in St.George. We had a beautiful time!! Overdosed on white chocolate popcorn and enjoyed WARM weather! Saw New Moon! Still think my husband's abs are better than any vampire or werewolf boy's abs. If girls only knew, ok, maybe not. I'm not sharing!!!

Dec. 2009- The holidays came fast. Andy studied hard. Finished the semester on top. Straight A's again! He's incredible. I took some fun pics of friends and family. Started basic photo shop classes. Went to Oklahoma for 2 weeks! Andy went deer hunting with my brother. We received more snow in Oklahoma than I've ever seen growing up there. Up to 11 inches. Church was canceled. The news said it was the most snow on one single day in history...EVER! A state of emergency was declared and we went sledding! It was a perfect white Christmas! My niece and nephew made us constantly laugh! Lots of good food. We have an amazing family...thankful for them!

Now, here we are 2010. The Marines come home this year. It's on the downhill for them. Wow. Comes at ya fast! I just closed my eyes and it's 2010! I'm thankful for this new year. We have lots to look forward to and we have our goals set and in constant sight! It is funny how those things that initially scared me in 2009, ended up being some of my greatest memories and treasured experiences. At times it has been tough, but as I like to say, anything that is worth it in life requires work. The Lord has blessed us beyond measure. I thank him for each day because each day is a blessing. We are working towards some awesome things come 2011 and I hope to look back on 2010 as another great year, another great climb upward, despite the challenges that face us! We will conquer them and keep climbing. We're determined to get to the top and fight for what is good and right in life.

We thank our dear family and friends for their support. As Andy reminds me, "If you're not moving forward you're moving backward." We choose to progress forward. Doesn't mean it is easy just that it is worth it. We are blessed and pray you know how much we love you all!!