28 July 2010


I have an obsession with fresh fruits and veggies. They make me very happy. Last summer I grew a small lot of tomatoes, a pumpkin, and some squash in our itsy bitsy garden (photos above...sorry the 'maters are withered...they had to be gathered after a freak freeze). Knowing they came from hard work and my soil, they made me super duper happy. This year we didnt have time to plant a garden to my dismay. However, I just found out about a cool program called Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). The program is set up so you get fresh produce from a local farm every week or every other week. Doesnt that just sound delightful? If I ever live where one of these are, I will most def. sign up! Cheers for fruits and veggies!

In other news, we are in Dallas, TX fir the summer fixin to get Andy's internship rearing and ready to go. It's been one hillbilliarious time! Chris and Chrissy, Kate and Chase, and Mommsy and Poppsy came down to visit us folks. We love Texas and so should ya'll! ;-)