25 August 2010

Great Idea for your Sweetheart/Friend

Taking a break from packing....I found a cute idea for my sweetheart for Valentine's Day or just a fun surprise..http://www.twigandthistle.com/blog/2009/02/diy-sweetie-pie/

16 August 2010

He did it!

Andy going to his first day of accounting school after returning home from Iraq!

After 9 years consisting of: 2 Marine Corps Deployments, 2 year mission to Taiwan, 3 deferments from BYU, 3 re-acceptance letters back BYU, our wedding, a few internships and lots and LOTS of fun stuff in between....my cute hubby GRADUATED with his Masters in Accounting from BYU!!! He did it with distinguished honors and I am so proud of his dedication! Next step?? Well...We've got lots to share and to find out...please leave your email (if you havent already given it to me) in the comment section and I will add you to our new family blog I am creating as we speak. I am making it private, simply to update our life to friends and family and not the whole wide world. I will still keep this blog and post creative thoughts, crafts, and food from time to time! We have a lot to share with everyone so please send me your email addresses!