15 December 2008

Oscar et La Madame Rose

Ma chere Amie Lark introduced me to the book, Oscar et La Madame Rose. I read it in one night. I cried and laughed and cried some more. In English the title is Oscar and the Lady in Pink and I'm so thrilled it has been translated!! Perfect for a Christmas gift for a family or friend. I hope it can become a big hit here in the States.

It is about terminally ill child who writes letters to God and lives each day as someone wiser and kinder. It's a beautiful Christmas story. It is amazing the things he accomplishes in his short life here and it's so funny. I would love to see this be made into a movie someday. I LOVE IT SO SO MUCH! Make sure if you give it to someone for Christmas that you give them a box of Kleenex too. It is a beautiful BEAUTIFUL book.


SPORTS said...

Very good!

Lark said...

I love love love this book, too!! I didn't know that it's been translated! That's awesome. Remember I love you lots, too, ma puce!