04 December 2008

My Lamp is Full of Gratitude and Love!!

This Tuesday I sang in a musical performance at church called the Parable of the 10 Virgins. It was one of the most spiritual and powerful experiences I have done in a long LONG time. It was empowering and enlightening. The 11 (because we had a narrator) went away from it with tears in our eyes because it was such a moving performance from everyone. When they announced that they were having auditions back in September, something inside of me said, 'Do it!' So I did with apprehension and I am now so grateful.

We practiced every week for six weeks, often on Saturday mornings, and throughout the week. I was cast as the part of Ashira, one of the unwise. As I learned my part and memorized my lines, I couldn't help but think how much I felt connected to this character. She was the one always running around doing things and never having enough time to fill her lamp. I thought often to myself, "THIS IS TOTALLY ME!" This last month and a half I kept telling myself that if I could make it to Christmas I would survive. Then it hit me that I need to not look at life that way. I need to make time for the most important things:

My Savior
My Family
My Friends
The Gospel

The night of the performance came and my nerves were definitely as raw as they could be. I was informed that I would be given a wireless mic because they wanted me to move around more. I mean it was all I could do to sing standing in place, NOW THEY WANT ME TO MOVE AROUND?!! ha ha ha haaaa.....During the practice ONE hour before, we blocked the song and tried making it with the mic. I did horrible, and I think that the changes threw me off. I was nervous and shaky and couldn't calm down. Melanie, an AWESOME performer, gathered a few of us together to sing Christmas songs to warm up. That helped a bit, but then we all gathered in a circle and said a prayer. The nerves lifted and I felt at peace. Then at the count of 3 AmyJoe suggested we all shout, " GO VIRGINS." Ha ha, I needed that laugh. Shoot we're all married so go figure. The music started, the narrator narrated, my part came and it went a million times better than I could have imagined! I got a little nervous, but I know that when I sang I felt more strengthened than ever before. EVERYONE did awesome. It was an incredible performance from everyone. The song at the very end was the most powerful, those that were foolish virgins (myself and 4 others), came in through the audience with our lamps lit and we sang, "We are all invited to the feast, each of us from the greatest to the least." Tears were all rolling down our faces because the performance became real. It was awesome! Then we all walked out as the lights were dim, through the audience with all of our lamps lit. We all hugged and laughed and knew that that night was not our own. Our prayers were heard. I will always make sure that I make time for those important things. Nothing Matters More


Ariana said...

I thought you did a fantastic job! I didn't even notice you had a wireless mic until like halfway through your song...I suddenly realized you were moving around and not holding a mic. Then the 'duh' moment. ;-) So if you felt awkward, I doubt anybody noticed! Great job!

Katrina Olsen said...

You did so amazing! I absolutley loved it. It brings tears to my eyes again just reading about your experience with it. It was so awesome!!!

Lark said...

Stacey, I totally got goosebumps when I read this. I'm so proud of you!! I wish that I could have been there to see you perform. Souviens-toi a jamais que je t'aime enormement, et que tu es vraiment une des plus grandes benedicitions que j'ai dans ma vie. Je t'aime trop, ma puce!!

NVP2Be said...

Awww...I wish I could've been there to see you perform. I know you did an amazing job. Reading what you wrote made me smile. Making time in this crazy world for the things that mean the most to us is a high priority! You are loved and supported with amazing family and friends. :)