11 March 2009

Welcome baby!

Chris and Chrissy Carson just welcomed their second child into the world, my little 9lbs 3 oz 21 inch healthy baby nephew. He still remains unnamed, but we've had all kinds of ideas. My brother likes the name Wiggie (an inside joke between him and I) and my awesome friend Caren says Carenelious sounds great. Together Caren and I came up with the name Ceasar Carenelius Carsonius Carson, but somehow I dont think Chris and Chrissy would approve. Whatever they name this precious little boy, he is certainly a handsome little guy! After Monday's stress, it is sure nice to recieve this good news! Welcome baby boy Carson!


Stephanie said...

He's adorable! Congrats to you and Chris & Chrissy! ; )

I'm sorry about your crummy Monday! :( How's your father-in-law? I hope you find a new job quickly!

Ariana said...

Cute guy! Congrats on the new nephew!

Hey I think your friend Caren was in my freshman ward at BYU (U-Hall, not to be comfused with U-Haul)... Small little mormon world we live in. :)

NVP2Be said...

He is soo cute!!!