20 March 2009

Pass the Truth Along....

Pass the truth along. I found a video that comes from the source and is true and right. It comes from the LDS people. It brings me hope. I love being an Mormon. Honestly, it is so much fun and the joy and peace I have in my life comes from what I have learned about Jesus Christ, not to mention the awesome jello recipies I get from activites(Mormon's make a lot of jello for some reason)!!

I always like to say, if you want to learn about science, you dont go to a history professor, correct? If you want to learn about astrology you dont ask a chicken farmer? Or if you want to learn about Fashion, you dont ask a garbage man (unless he makes clothing out of trash bags ha ha). If you want to learn about Mormons, go ask a Mormon. Basically what I'm saying is go to the source. I would hope that the people of the world can know that what we stand for is goodness and honesty. There is nothing strange or currupt about what belive. In fact, you will find, the the more you understand our teachings, the more you understand Christ and His Gospel. It is beauuuuutiful.

Recently, the church has been hit from all sides of the media and producers and directors, who think they understand what we know. Let me be the first to tell you, being one who studied journalism in school, the MEDIA is usually scewed and purposefully wrong in order to 'stir the pot' one might say. I think that the media has it's purpose in some cases, but I also believe that in movies, television, magazines...they tend to be far from the truth, and usually without context or explaination. What is left, is a false public opinion and a currupt light on what people think we really believe. Let me just tell you a lot of what you see on TV and on the big screens isn't always true. There are a lot of false and to be honest, hurtful teachings out there.

Let me share with you my love of temples and of my faith. There has always been temples on earth as long as the gospel of Jesus Christ has been established (since the beginging of time). We can look at examples in the Bible and in the New Testiment of how God's children went to temples to learn and to pray to our Heavenly Father. There is nothing wierd and nothing strange about what we belive, it comes from God. Everything we do as Mormon people can be found in the scriptures that prophets of old have written. We revere temples as sacred, and as such we dont throw it around because it would only get trampled on by the world. Let me give you an example. Think of something, perhaps a prized possesion, a best friend, a family member that you hold dear. Would you ever throw it in the mudd or disrepect it or them? I sure hope not.

I love temples. The temple is where I married my husband in a small LDS ceremony and where we belive we can be together even after death. This gives me so much hope!! I go to the temple to pray and to feel peace in my life. I find direction in my life by going there. It is a beautiful place of peace.

Here is a video that comes from the source. It is truthful and it is right. It is not from an antagonist. I hope this is informative. Here is what we believe:

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Stephanie said...

Thank you for always posting those videos! I love to watch them and to post them on my own blog! : )

Have you been able to meet your new nephew yet? Jennifer and her husband came to visit from Boston so I am getting some bonding time with my nephew! : )