06 January 2009

Fuzzy Wuzzy Was No More

My dear sweet hubby, Andy, decided to try an experiment over the holiday. Now, to preface this, I must let you know that in the last year he has had to cut his hair EVERY week for the Marine's from a zero to one inch fade, shave for school, and keep himself very well groomed. When Christmas break came around...Andy came completely unhinged. He was FREE for two weeks to let his hair grow out and go crazy on the facial hair. The first week wasn't so bad, but by week 2...this is what had become of my baby (which really isn't that bad if you know people that grow this in one day, but for him this was as gruff as he gets)... This was taken on Saturday, and on Sunday this is what happened. I arose at around 8:30 to start getting readying for church which starts at 9. Andy had already woken up early to prepare his Sunday school lesson. He told me he was going to shave all of his man beard off so I expected my baby-faced hubby back. I was very excited. As I came around the corner to see him, I thought I was either still asleep or my eyes hadn't quite focused right. There was still facial hair and my husband looked like a Spanish Conquistador. He had shaved everything but the chin and the upper lip. I screamed cause it scared me so bad. It was not a normal look for him. He just sat there and smiled. It really threw me off guard when I saw him and realized it was far from gone it was worse. I made him shave that off but then he came back having only shaved the chin off. So back to the bathroom he went with my blessing only to come back AGAIN with half of the upper lip portion shaved off...What a nut...needless to say after much persistence he shaved it all away and went to church as the sweet shaven boy we all love and adore so much.


NVP2Be said...

LOL!!!! You should have taken pictures of the whole thing and done a slideshow. I'm laughing so hard.

Christine said...

Ha ha!! That cracks me up!! I don't think Chris could ever grow a beard either.