17 February 2010

LA Valentine's DAY!

Andy I went to Los Angeles for Valentine's Day! He had a three day weekend from school, we found some super cheap tickets and had a blast! Here are some pics from our trip!

The "HOLLYWOOD" sign

Under the Santa Monica Pier

Under the Santa Monica Pier

Andy at the beach!

Chinese Theater in Hollywood

Andy at the Chinese Theater

On the Santa Monica Pier

Moi at the LA Temple

Andy gave me the sunset for Valentine's Day! I can handle that!

Downtown Los Angeles viewed from Hollywood Hills

Los Angeles Temple...Sooo BEAUTIFUL!

Funny Story about this pic: We drove all around Hollywood Hills trying to find the "HOLLYWOOD" sign (currently re-named the "Save the Hill" Sign), turns out it was covered up because the city is trying to buy it back from a guy who purchased it to build homes on and around it...could you imagine LA without the HOLLYWOOD sign?


humanobserver said...

Wow what a beautiful place !


Melissa said...

I love this! It looks like so much fun and even warmer! Consider me tres envious. I was thinking of doing lunch with Jen...want to come? I'll text you!