11 November 2008

Veteran's Day

Today is Veteran's Day, and for the first time in my life it has really hit home. On a day that remembers our soldiers, both past and present, I have always thought of my cute grandpa and uncle as they bravely fought in WWII.I still remember to this day, the black and white photos of my grandma hugging him in his uniform and imagined how joyful that reunion must have been. Little did I know, that a few short years later, I would await the return of the man I love so much. In May 2008, my husband came home from war in Iraq.

I am humbled beyond words for the families that never had the chance to hug their boys when they came home. I thank the Lord for the safe return of my dear Andy. Just this weekend we went to the Marine Corps Birthday Ball and celebrated that beautiful branch of the Armed Services. I sat with fellow wives who with much patience waited 12 months for our boys to come home. They were my support group, my anchor. We prayed constantly for our husbands. Those prayers were answered. There were close calls, but they all made it back to us.

It hit home today, how special it is to see your soldier come home. To those our veterans, I love and respect you for your service and your dedication for what you signed up to do: defend this beautiful nation so that we can have our freedoms and live in peace every day and night.

In London, the sweet vets pass out poppy flowers on the streets. The poppy flower has always been one of my favorites. The poem below is the message behind this beautiful flower.

in flanders fields

in flanders fields the poppies blow
between the crosses, row on row,
that mark our place; and in the sky
the larks, still bravely singing, fly
scarce heard amid the guns below.
we are the dead. short days ago
we lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
loved, and were loved, and now we lie
in flanders fields.
take up our quarrel with the foe:
to you from failing hands we throw
the torch; be yours to hold it high.
if ye break faith with us who die
we shall not sleep, though poppies grow
in flanders fields.

--lt.-col. john mccrae


trishtator said...

Yay Stacey! I'm so glad I can read about you :).

I'm so glad your boy came home. I love the poppy too, and Flanders Fields.

NVP2Be said...

Aww...I love it. I am so glad Andy came home. I remember all the long phone calls we had and the midnight online messaging sessions. We were all praying and hoping and were so happy when they landed and you got to see him! Hugs.