28 September 2008

Canelle et Vanille

Although this blog is not dedicated to just French things...I just cant help but notice the uniqueness of French culture. There's something to it! Well, amongst my search for a great crepe recipe, I stumbled upon the most beautiful food blog in the world! It's called Canelle et Vanille (Cinnamon and Vanilla) and the author makes the most exquisite and unique French treats that I have ever seen! The pictures are beautiful and the recipes are on the blog as well!!! I'm on my way to making incroyable (increadible) French patisseries! Yum! check it out here! Bon appetite!

1 comment:

Katrina Olsen said...

oh my goodness stacey . . . i think i can already feel the 20 pounds coming on that i'm going to gain from this website! yum!!!